How to Get Your Husband Back – Make Him Love You Again and Save Your Marriage

It’s never easy to see your marriage going down the drain, especially for us wives, who are more emotional than husbands. So, how to get your husband back when you see his interest in you declining day by day? When, maybe, he has even talked to you about divorce? I was in that exact situation, and I was able to save my marriage. So, here is my advice for you – listen carefully!
I know the feelings you must be in right now, because like I said I have been through this situation. I was, like you, dying to learn how to get your husband back, but whatever I did, nothing worked and I thought that this was the end of my marriage and there was nothing I could do further.

But today I am still married to my husband and our marriage is even stronger than when we first married. This is such a grand feeling - a feeling that I would like everyone to live, because I believe that marriages are sacred institutions and they must be nurtured for a nation to continue.

To get your husband back, you must first learn some basic psychology. What you need to do is to stop begging or pleading and being the "inaccessible spouse". Which means that instead of begging, you are doing just the opposite.

Why is this how to get your husband back? It's because of basic human psychology. Right now you are the "please, I beg of you! Don't leave me alone! I need you! Take me for granted!" entity, which registers in your husband's brain as "something he should not want". People want what they can't have, and don't want what they can easily have. This is working against you right now, but it's in your hands to make it work FOR you!