Dating Tips For Women To Superboost Their Dating Game

Dating in this modern world of swiping apps, endless men dropping into inboxes with their junk on display can make it easy to fall into the guarded trap. Learning how to navigate through the dating game and instituting these tips on will definitely help you super boost your dating game.

Be Honest

Whether you are using an online dating site or good old fashioned meet up through someone you both know, you will need to be honest. From profile photos to expressing your interests, you will super boost your dating game just by being honest. Your date will have a much better impression of who they will be dating. It will save you both more time than going on a date and realizing you having nothing in common.


Human beings have a tendency to ramble about themselves, especially when they first meet someone new. Being a great listener, taking time to digest what has been said not only leaves a lasting impression on your date but gives you clues to whether you would like a second date with this person. Relationships are usually built on people with a common interest, you will never know who they are or whether you are compatible if you aren't listening to what is being said.


There is something safe about sitting behind your phone screen. Not being accountable for your actions builds confidence. Translating that confidence in your dating game may be more difficult. Everyone is nervous on their first date. The fear of the unknown and the excitement of potentially meeting your life partner may leave your nerves feeling frazzled. Showing off your best assets, dressing well and exuding confidence will most certainly up your dating game hugely.

Be Smart

Do not invite someone you do not know to your house or private space and do not go to theirs. Set up your date in a well lit public venue. Arrange your own transport to and from the date. You are well within your rights to respectfully decline rides home or invitations to their place. Putting these plans in place will ensure you have one less thing to worry about and you can get on with your date.

Leave Your Expectations at Home

There is no such thing as a perfect man. We are not telling you to settle for someone completely incompatible. Being open-minded and uncritical gives your date the impression that you are really interested in getting to know them, not just interested in their appearance. The dating game is tough enough without being hypercritical.

Set Boundaries Early

Be open and honest with your partner. If you are hoping to eventually move past dating and into a relationship, setting boundaries early will let your prospective partner know exactly where you stand. Having the confidence to express your absolute limitations is a great way to build a strong foundation for any future relationship.