How to Know She is Cheating

Man is ridiculously jealous. And possessive. None of them likes to hear another man’s banter is his woman’s poison. That she finds sanctuary on another chump’s sinful bosom. Or she laughs at his wisecracks and lays bare her treasures at his behest. Her nether regions are his for the taking.That she cheats on him with the guy at the corner. None.

But the reality glares, much to everyone's dismay, that a third of married women would be willing to cheat if they were sure they would not be caught pants down. And this is the ugly math men need to deal with. Well, as soon as they get their heads off the sand.

Luckily, busting a cheater is not rocket science, thanks to the information age we live in. But before you unleash the spy robots (it's also a robot age, you know), get a grasp of the signs she might be cheating on you.

With the following signs you can see the edges of the tapestry

She ceases to give a damn: Perhaps the only thing worse than a nag is a woman who doesn't care whether you exist. She no longer picks fights over nonissues and moves on with her life like you ceased to exist. She shifts from hurtful "how could you" to nonchalant "do I care?" Women crave emotional satisfaction and intimacy in their relationships and if they can only get them elsewhere they shift their attention to the chump who fills the void.

Lost Passion: She used beg you to go shopping with her and seemed overly enthusiastic about introductions. And every evening she looked forward to seeing you after work as there was always so much catching up to do. Always. You were her knight in shining armor and she seemed to adore that. But now the fire is out and the embers glow no more. It's cold. She never cares the way you look and hardly remembers what time you came home last night. And she seldom gets frisky. Or does she?

Frequent beeps: She has been getting more calls lately and remembers to drop a "have to return this, excuse me" line before spending a whopping 45 minutes at the balcony. And before you process that affront she robs you another 25 minutes as she has to chat with her "BFF" on WhatsApp. Boy, oh boy you might be sitting on a time bomb.

More time at the Gym: All of a sudden she realizes that she needs more time at the gym. Why is that? Because she needs to do longer sessions to tone up fast, thus says her trainer. Cheating? Maybe. While it might be legitimate, she might be going the extra mile to impress her catch. Or could be an excuse to spend a little more time with him.

Wardrobe change: She is old wine in a new wineskin. Her sexy lingerie has taken a cue from Victoria's Secret. Wonderful. Except it's not for you. The cheat wants to own the night and only scandalous lingerie will take her there. If it's not a limited edition lace crisscross teddy, it's a satin covered Chantilly lace babydoll. If this change happens without an obvious trigger she might be cheating on you.

Being Secretive: Her cards are closer to the chest than shirt buttons. She password-protects her itineraries and has her schedules encrypted. Her daily routine is her business and whatever she does in the woods stays in the woods. You might be a witness to an extramarital affair case.

Overly concerned with your schedule: Don't get it twisted, though. Perhaps she's being concerned because she cares. Or she could be stalking you to quench her jealousy. Or she could be taking proactive measures to be sure your paths don' cross when she embarks on a clandestine mission. Cheating? Be the judge.

Fewer romps: She used to yearn for a little indulgence, but now everything is a huge turn-off. Even the way you blink. Today she is tired, yesterday she had a bad day and the day before she wasn't in the mood. Every day is a bad day for science. And the flour you used to keep in the fridge to keep away the weevils has since been swept. They are creeping at a tremendous pace to eat away your cookie.