Top Essential Facts About Chinese Girls

There can be different reasons to date Chinese girls . You might just like this kind of appearance, or maybe you decided to try something exotic and new. Well you will be glad to know that Chinese girls are not about a man’s money or social status, they appreciate simple things and qualities such as an initial friendship and making them feel special.

Internet is full of basic Chinese sentences and she'll appreciate if you learn several ones before trying to talk to her. After all, it shows your interest in her and her culture, and some respect too.

Chinese people are very close to their families. You can express your politeness by asking about her background, her parents' health and professions and stuff like that. She will gladly tell you about them and the first ice will be broken.

They will consider cute if you tell them that you are very new to their traditions and don't want to get into trouble so you ask them to explain you things. Chinese girls are very helpful and will be your diligent guides and tutors. Of course, if you keep on smiling and rewarding them with your sincere warmth!

They like the music. And it's not the music you got used to or could ever imagine. It's Chinese pop music about love or classical music, so prepare your ears. If you find enough forces to compliment this music and ask about her favorite singers or bands, she'll be extremely thankful and attracted to you.

It's a wrong stereotype that Chinese women are submissive. Maybe some of them are, but in fact they like feeling equal and even active in a bed. Their approach is different from European or American so you may be surprised by some of her skills.

However, if they start hoping to get married with you, everything changes dramatically. They already care a lot about your monthly income, the presence of a good house, several cars, and prestigious accessories. They will care a lot about the impression that you make on their parents and other relatives. They will care a lot about your wish to have babies and buy another house or a car for her. So, things are getting much more complicated. It's safer to keep it on a level of summer fling or a night bar adventure as historically Chinese women rely a lot on their husbands' finances.

It may sound too practical but you'll gain more if you get acquainted with average-looking Chinese girls instead of very beautiful ones. Average-looking girls are almost totally ignored in China and will be happy to get some attention. While beautiful girls are in high demand both in reality and virtually so you're going to catch them only if you have some very obvious advantages. And still she will always be looking for "better options"!

Although very rational and reasonable, Chinese girls can be quite naive. You have to get used to that rather than struggling with that. It can be connected with the "little girl" style that is extremely popular both in China and Japan. She may think you like her more when she's speaking with the mouse voice or understands nothing. Girls from big cities show their immaturity by making selfies all the time and girls from small villages have zero knowledge about very common things. They also don't seem good in knowing men's psychology. Well, just keep on behaving naturally and she may adapt to your mentality with time.

They cook amazing local food but they almost don't eat themselves as they want to stay petite and skinny. Girls who don't cook, just serve you rice, rice, rice three times a day. So better take her out to eat and convince her to feed herself normally. Compliments to her figure work great!

She may be obsessed with following the social rules. Yes it's very sad but most of Chinese girls aren't open-minded about things. For example, she can be embarrassed about going out with a white man, or buying second-hand things as it's considered non-decent. Try to help her relax and change her mind, but if it doesn't help, just move to another one. Girls who studied abroad or at least traveled much, are more liberate and pro-European.

In general, many men are happy and satisfied by their experience with a Chinese beauty , so just join them in this great Asian adventure.