The Top Reasons Why Men Cheat

Why do men cheat? They make movies about it, write books on it and just about every other day you can turn on the TV and watch some talk show host discussing the topic. Or you may turn on the television and watch a reality show where a two timing guy is confronted by his wife or girlfriend or both. You sit back and get entertained as the sparks fly and they tear into each other. Is he the baby’s father? Stay tuned to find out.

Even after the dust is settled the question is still out there. It's important to understand there is no one size fits all answer. Each man is different and the circumstances as to why they are doing what they are doing are different as well. Even other men have a hard time figuring it out.

For instance some guy will be married to a knockout drop dead gorgeous woman. The kind of woman that can get just about any man she sets her sights on. Walk down the street with her and watch the heads turn.

And yet he will still cheat on a woman like that. Go figure.

No there is no one size fits all answer but you definitely have to rank the following at the top of any list when trying to understand why.

Because It's There

Think the movie Fatal Attraction. Michael Douglas' wife was only gone for the weekend. Not even the full weekend for crying out loud. He couldn't control himself for two days?

No. The opportunity presented himself and like most philandering husbands he just knew that he wasn't going to get caught. Wham bam thank you mam and we will never see each other again. He didn't realize until it was too late that his one night stand was with a graduate from Straitjacket University.

In the real world the thinking is along the same lines. It's here for the taking and who has to know?

You Da Man

It's not enough that their wife or girlfriend loves them, says she loves him and proves it to him on a regular basis. That's all well and good but frankly it just won't do. So what's the solution? Get a lot of women to keep boosting your ego libido.

The reality is this is not a solution either. It's like an alcoholic saying just one more drink and that will be the end of their drinking. Until they wake up tomorrow and the cycle start all over again. If a loving wife or girlfriend that really truly cares can't boost a guy's self confidence then a bevy of women who are only really there for one night stands won't be able too either.

Gone With The Breeze

He wants out of the relationship. The honorable thing to do would be to go to the wife or girlfriend and say something sophisticated like, "I want out of the relationship."

However many men find this too difficult so they convince themselves that the easiest thing to do is cheat their way out. They want to get caught in the hopes that the wife or girlfriend will end the relationship. But what if she turns violent or worse forgives them and says she will do all she can to make the relationship work out better than before? A lot of guys haven't thought that far ahead.

Because I Can

This is different from "because it's there". Because it's there is a matter of convenience. Because I can boils down to I want what I want and I could care less who it hurts.

Think Bill Clinton. When he was President he was the most powerful and scrutinized person on the planet. But the guy wound up embarrassing himself, humiliating his wife and daughter and was in jeopardy of getting thrown out of office. All for an intern.

When he was asked a few years later why he would risk everything for the thrill of it all he answered in three words: "Because I could."

While the average guy who cheats is not going to get impeached by Congress more than a few understand perfectly what Clinton meant because that's their excuse as well. It's a selfish way of saying, "So what? Now deal with it." Unfortunately many women do.