Quick Kitchen Short-cuts For Newly Wed Working Women

Marriage is a dream come true for every girl, Shadi.com helps you to live the dream! From getting decked up like a queen to dreaming of having a lovely future with your beloved, all things are so charming and beautiful! It is the power of making all your desires come true. But as they say, with power comes responsibility. From handling the upkeep of your house to being a kitchen queen, all things are expected from a newlywed girl. Amongst all the tasks, it is the handling of the kitchen that can create a lasting impression on your husband and in-laws. However, if you are working women, this task can become a little tough and daunting. To top it all, the kitchen keeping work can become all the tougher. It is, after all, tough to balance both household chores and office work at the same time. So what to do in such a scenario: Well, have no fear! We present to you certain quick and easy kitchen keeping tips, which will make you the queen of your new kitchen:

  • Prepare the raw material in advance: It is advisable for all working women to prepare kitchen raw materials in advance. For example, if you plan to make aloo paranthas for breakfast in the morning, make sure to prepare the mash for it and knead the dough a night before. This way, you'll be able to prepare a scrumptious meal quickly before leaving for office.
  • Get ready to cook and or pre-cooked meals: This tip comes really handy in case you have unexpected guests. In such a scenario, it is easy to prepare a hearty meal for everyone in no time at all.
  • Stock your ration supply in advance: Make it a point to keep one day in a week solely to go to the supermarket and stock all the dry- ration material. This way, in case you are short of time to purchase something at the last moment, you still rest assured that you have things stocked up for use.
  • Purchase necessary electronic kitchen appliances: If you are a newly-wed working girl, having useful electronic kitchen appliances is a must. Make sure to have a food processor, hand blender, sandwich maker, Microwave, OTG etc. in your kitchen. With their help, you can finish tedious kitchen jobs like chopping, knead dough, grill sandwiches etc. in a wink!
  • Have quick breakfast options: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, when you are a working woman, you tend to skip it so that you don't run late for office. To avoid such a scenario, it is a beast to keep quick breakfast options like eggs, mueslis, corn flakes, milk, toast, oats etc. , which are easy and quick to prepare, and can be had when you are on the run.

Follow the given tips and you are sure to rule the kitchen, despite having official work commitments. Here's wishing you all the best!

Source: sooperarticles.com