7 Things All Women Need in A Relationship

Vivacity. The ability to relax is very important in life, women appreciate it. Women are looking for balanced and stable partners, those who act human. They foresee that a workaholic will not be able to devote enough time to his family, that sooner or later the work will swallow him whole and he will deprive himself and his family of simple human joys. So everything should be good in moderation. Do not give her a reason to suspect that you are a slave to your business – allow yourself to be free sometimes, independent and happy with life. Who do you think women want more – a healthy and cheerful man or a tired workaholic?

Modesty. It makes a person better. Of course, there are different methods of seduction, and it is worth learning how to be charismatic and cunning. But these methods are too risky. Women, as a rule, perfectly distinguish fake bravado from the manifestation of true brilliance or self-esteem. Exaggerating one's own strength, power, significance, or sexuality is a sure sign of low status. And women want only the best! You should not pretend to be someone else, not only will you be uncomfortable, but no one will buy into it. Do not tell her about how you've had sex with all of the girls in your high school.

Talent. Each of us has our own talents that distinguish us from others. This may be the ability to great at skiing. Or the ability to make wonderful nesting boxes. Or a talent for showing uncomplicated magic tricks, you are not a David Copperfield, but you know how to entertain a woman. By being unique and talented, you will demonstrate the capacity for leadership and it an important component of what women want, which is high status and a sense of identity. So try to demonstrate your unique talents in action, not just in words.

Sensitivity. Some vulnerability, manifested from time to time, not only does not damage your status but also strengthens it. In an attractive, from the point of view of a woman, male character, there is the so-called androgyny - a fusion of male and female characteristics. This, above all, means the ability to show sympathy and understanding, tenderness and care. Feel free to ask for advice from your girlfriend. If you feel sad or hurt, tell her about it. But do not depict helplessness in matters that you simply do not want to do. And do not lie to your woman.

Light jealousy. You appear in public with a beautiful woman, and all the men immediately begin to dislocate their neck vertebrae in her direction. Maybe you are flattered by such attention, but you should not show your true feelings. It is better to pretend that their overt envy irritates you a little. For a woman, light signals of jealousy are the evidence of your affection. And crazy unreasonable jealousy lowers your status because it speaks of your insecurity.

Tact. A woman, even the most free-thinking person, regards the manifestations of sexual incontinence as a threat to her security. There are deranged males who do not understand that in the human language "no" means "no". Even if you are planning on having a short-term relationship, you should still pretend as if you are planning on building a serious long-term relationship. The requirements that a woman makes to a casual partner are not so different from her requirements for a permanent partner. Therefore, a woman wants to always think that her one-time lover is not averse to establishing a serious relationship.

Humor. Women want to laugh, they adore men who make them laugh. Women love witty and cheerful men. And this goes back to the status. If you are a serious man, yet you can still relax and you have a good sense of humor - you will have lots of success with women. If you are not good with humor - it's not the end of the world. Learn how to act without undue seriousness, maybe even make fun of yourself when the occasion is right, find something funny in all sorts of different situations. People with low status are most often afraid to seem ridiculous.

Source: sooperarticles.com